About this blog and Matt Dukes Jordan

Welcome to zee realm of the fleshapoids!

Matt Dukes Jordan here, writing about one of my favorite subjects — film. I love a wide range of films from tacky grindhouse movies to silent films to European art films. This blog is a place for me to ruminate about movies.

I’m the author of some books on lowbrow / pop surrealist art: Weirdo Deluxe, Chronicle Books, SF, 2005 and Weirdo Noir, Chronicle Books, SF, 2010. I love fine art and comedic weirdo art and trashy cheesy art — just like my enjoyment of films in a wide range of styles, genres, etc.

I’ve done a lot of journalism over the last 20 years and have  been a film writer for various publications. Most recently I’ve been writing about film for an online zine called PulpMetal, but I’ve written for print publications and even gone to screenings at studios in LA and hung out with the big-shot LA film critics (at screenings).

I’ve done some acting and have a couple of YouTube channels where I exhibit my work via the internet. One is mattdukesjordan…

I’ve been in films and on TV shows as an extra and worked for the William Morris Agency in the early 1990s. I was also a PA on a music video shot in Beverly Hills.

I paint, act, make films, write. I love to write about subjects that particularly interest me — the offbeat, the beat, the weirdo, the fun and funny.

Note on the Title

The term “fleshapoid” is appropriated from the wonderful George Kuchar film, Sins of the Fleshapoids. George Kuchar taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, one of the schools where I studied film and art. He and his brother Mike made independent, very personal, very bizarre and fun and funny films. George is not with us but Mike is. Thank you, Mike and George for your films and for being teachers and an inspiration.

Links to Short Films by Matt Dukes Jordan

To check out some quite weird and quirky films I’ve made, take a terrifying peek at:



Links to Books by Matt Dukes Jordan






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